ELT French Instrument control Software expert group

Two groups of participants: From October 24th - 26th or from October 29th - 31st

EFISOFT organises a formation with Beckhoff France in Villebon sur Yvette. This formation will regroup french actors from several projects (HARMONY, MICADO, MAORY, MOSAIC, HIRES) within the EFISOFT structure.

We have a preliminary agenda created with Beckhoff:

Day 1

  • Presentation of the Beckhoff Architecture
  • Mount/ Dismount / maintenance of PCs and controlers
  • TwinCAT software installation
  • EtherCAT network overview
  • Deployment of EtherCat network under TwinCAT2/TwinCAT3.
  • Diagnostic level details.
  • Peripheric scan (input/output drives)
  • Configuration of device architecture
  • Automate coding within IEC 61131-3 norm :
    • Variable creation
    • Link to physical input and output
    • Overview of coding tools (structures, block functions ...)
    • Usage of debug tools (stop, crossed links, ...)
    • Soft loading, creation of Bootproject
    • Example of code
  • Diagnostic of Hardware and software

Day 2

  • Remote connection from PC
  • Soft transfert between PLC and PC
  • Fundamantal notion on RunTimeNC-PTP
  • NC task axes function (absolute, relative movements, synchronization)
  • Motors and variators setting
  • NC task setting
  • TC-MC2 library and use of bloc functions applied of axes movements
  • Scope view
  • Diagnostic and maintenance of motion hardware

Day 3

  • Global TwinCAT PLC HMI overview
  • Project creation
  • Deployment of IHM
  • Use of Scope view tools
  • Experimental exercise with PLC and IHM (reinforcement of acquired knowledge of day 1)
  • Training on machine maintenance / looking for breakdown (reinforcement of acquired knowledge of day 1)
  • Maintenance of industrial PC : saving data, performance analyse, deployment
  • Questions, and other specific point not covered